We all know that the wishes of the mother must be fulfilled. Especially when this dream comes from a sweet memory of you enjoying your first ice cream with her. When you don’t know if it comes from the taste of this ice cream, the pride in your mother’s eyes or the joy of being with her. And this is what Nader Rajja started to do in 2006, when he opened his first ice cream shop at the Strøget.

My mother’s big dream was that one day I should have my own ice Store in Nyhavn, which I said was impossible


Rajissimo becomes true a couple of years later. It was a hot morning when, on July 19, 2011, Nader signed the contract to open a shop in Nyhvan. The shop that we all know today as the sweetest corner in Copenhagen. And the shop that made it possible to build the largest ice cream chain in Europe, in which the innovative culture that characterizes Rajissimo has born.

I have travelled the world for the last 15 years learning from the best gelato, churros and dessert manufacturers and vendors and hired experts from all over the world


Nader and our “dream team” always look for new innovative ways of perfecting Rajissimo’s products and create new spectacular experiences for our beloved customers.

Latest invention is the Churros Bites™. A mouth sized churro that is designed exclusively for delivery. The Churro Bites™ fits perfectly in our zero-waste delivery boxes and drastically optimizes the churros in the box. We call it zero-air policy.

My dream with Rajissimo is that we can serve the same “joy” that I experienced as a child with my first ice cream


Rajissimo are small square rooms that sell innovative quality products in an upbeat atmosphere in a simple way. It couldn’t be said more simply. Rajissimo is for everyone, our treats are designed to pleasure your taste buds as well as amaze your eyes.

Our gelatos are always fresh, produced same day in our fabbrica di gelato. We have a six-hour policy on our churros dough to ensure it is nice and fresh. Daily oil change ensures our churros are crunchy on the outside and mushy n’ tender inside and have the perfect golden trademark colour that only Rajissimo churros have.


This journey came along with the recognition from all over the world. The online magazine “insider” reviewed the Rajissimo Wafflestick, which is pancake dough served on a stick, for the convenience of strolling the streets of Copenhagen. Rajissimo was also awarded  “the world’s most innovative ice cream vendor” by MEC3.

But the recognition we are proud of is the 5000+ five-star reviews we have online from real customers and we aim for perfection and innovation in all aspects of the experience. 



The new year started with great news for us. On December 31st we signed our first franchise contract, that started running on January 2nd, 2023.

Our shop at Rødovre Centrum has become in the first Rajissimo franchise. We are very glad that Sasha, who started in 2011 as a Rajissimo’s trainee, is now the first of many franchisees to come.

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