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It all started when our CEO and founder Nader Raja had his first ice cream as a youngster. The experience pivoted him on a journey – a journey just like Willy Wonka’s pursuit for the most innovative ways to amaze the world with his sweet treats.

For the last 15 years Nader has travelled the world learning from the best gelato, churros and dessert manufacturers and vendors of the world and hired experts from all over the world. Nader and our “dream team” always look for new innovative ways of perfecting Rajissimo’s products and create new spectacular experiences for our beloved customers.

In 2016 Rajissimo was awarded “the worlds most innovative ice cream vendor” by MEC3. In 2017 the online magazine “insider” reviewed the Rajissimo Wafflestick, which is pancake dough served on a stick for the convenience of strolling the streets of Copenhagen.

Our latest invention is the Churros Bites™. A mouth sized churro that is designed exclusively for delivery. The Churro Bites™ fits perfectly in our zero-waste delivery boxes and drastically optimizes the churros in the box. We call it zero-air policy.

Our delivery menu consists of innovative combos like Gelato n’ Churros treating you with three flavours of gelato, plain churro bites and four of your favourite toppings like soft ice, Oreo crumple, Chocolate sauces and many more. You can pick and choose from more than 40 selections to create your very own Rajissimo treat online.

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